October 24, 2013

VisibleDust Introduces

Visibledust announces the launch of a new innovative device for sensor cleaning called FlexoDome™ (patent pending including industrial patent design). FlexoDome™ is the world's first and only unique device to be used in conjunction with dust blowers.

FlexoDome™ features a ring to be attached to each specific camera body for hands-free operation. The cup on FlexoDome™ is uniquely designed to accept a variety of nozzles from different bulb blowers. Once attached to the camera body, FlexoDome™ acts as a fence against accidental contact between blower's nozzle and the camera's sensor. The followings are some advantages of its use in sensor cleaning:

  1. FlexoDome™ acts as a fence against the sensor contact and blower nozzle allowing the operator to invert the camera's sensor downward without the fear of entering the chamber area damaging the sensor. This method facilitates the removal of heavier particles based on gravity action. However, this seems to be impossible task when camera's sensor is faced upward acting against the gravity. By using FlexoDome™ one can remove all dust particles regardless of their size.

  2. Some bulb blowers use shorter or narrower opening in their nozzles to increase the blasting power of air and to avoid sensor contact. However, this results in higher friction between air molecules passing through a narrower opening, generating higher static charges, turning the sensor into a dust magnet. Another problem associated with the increase in blasting power of shorter/narrower nozzles are the projectiles generated by this method. These sharp microscopic particles hit the sensor with more force damaging the sensor coating creating images resembling the moon surface. FlexoDome™ eliminates the needs for shorter/narrower nozzles in bulb blowers allowing a directional blast for a more efficient dust removal. Directional blast maximizes the efficiency of traditional blower in removing dust particles without creating the adverse side effects.

Thus, FlexoDome™ creates a safe fence against accidental contact between bulb blower and sensor surface, by taking advantages of gravity action and directional blast, it maximizes dust removal efficiency. The use of FlexoDome™ and VisibleDust bulb blower Zeeion® creates a powerful combo tool for professionals and amateurs as a first line of defense in camera sensor cleaning.

Listed Price $39.95 CAD

August 06, 2013

VisibleDust Introduces

SwabLight™ is the world's first innovative and unique product (patent pending) from VisibleDust to enhance and facilitate the DSLR sensor cleaning technique.

Since the sensor of digital camera is buried deep inside the chamber wall and covered with a dark surface to prevent lights from bouncing off,therefore this is a very difficult task for operator to position the swab exactly along the sensor edges , avoiding contamination by accidental contact with chamber walls. Most swab handles are made thin with little grip to be held firmly in hands reducing proper manipulation. A better grip on swab handle results for a more uniform pressure and movement producing streak free cleaning. SwabLight™ from VisibleDust greatly overcomes these deficiencies by having:

  • A better and a firm swab grip for a proper movement and pressure for streak free results.
  • A better swab positioning on the sensor to easily master edge to edge sensor cleaning.
  • A better and clear view of the sensor surface during sensor cleaning.

Above all, using SwabLight™ from VisibleDust lessens the fear associated with self sensor cleaning, greatly enhances efficiency and the results reducing the number of swabs used per sensor cleaning session leading to more saving. SwabLightTM takes you to a completely higher professional level and fun sensor cleaning experience.

Listed Price $24.95 CAD

March 15th, 2011

VisibleDust Introduces
the mini Quasar® Sensor Loupe®

VisibleDust 7X mini Quasar® is equipped with 4 SUPER bright LED lights positioned at angles to identify the smallest object on the sensor surface( usually impossible to be seen otherwise) .

Regular LED light when shinned at the sensor penetrates different layers of filters to produce useless checkered shape visual images of various filter depth without focusing on sensor surface itself. By using Quasar® Sensor Loupe®) inspection devices from visibledust one can eliminate these problems. Using inspection devices from visibledust will reduce the damage to sensor by excessive cleaning hence, saving the cost associated with sensor cleaning.The mini Qusar® requires two (2) CR2032 lithium batteries included. The mini Quasar® comes with a soft coated foam black box to protect the device.

Listed Price $69.95 CAD

July 05th, 2010

VisibleDust Introduces
the New Arctic Butterfly® 724 SUPER BRIGHT.

The Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Super Bright) is now equipped with 2 super bright LEDs that illuminate the sensor while in operation. This illumination reduces the possibility of fibers being dragged accidentally against the surrounding cavity hence reducing the potential cause of smear usually caused by contaminated fibers.

The bright LED of Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Super Bright) makes dust locating an easier task for the sensor cleaning operator.

    Key Features
  • Three Stage Power Button On/Off — Equipped with Two Bright LED´s light
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Enhanced fiber cleaning through patented rotary motion
  • No canned air — Completely travel safe
  • Super-Charged Fiber Technology
  • Metal ferrule is attached to the body of the Arctic Butterfly through
    a non-conductive joint.

Listed Price $119.95 CAD

«VisibleDust is a distinguished manufacturer of premium DSLR cleaning products specially tailored for the digital sensor. Each product is widely tested using the latest scientific technologies before being released for sale.» — Dr.Degan, VisibleDust, President.

December 18, 2009

New affordable line of Wet Cleaning solutions for the DSLR!

VisibleDust is launching a new affordable line of EZ sensor cleaning™ — Kits. These kits contain 4 patented Vswabs for better maneuverability inside the camera's chamber area, and produce a streak- free finish. The VisibleDust Sensor Cleaning Liquid comes in a convenient 1ml travel safe bottle. There are three sizes of Vswabs including 1.6X (16 mm), 1.3X (20 mm), and 1.0X (24 mm), dependant on camera make and model. The cleaning solutions are safe on all coated sensors including Nikon and Canon.

The EZ sensor cleaning™ — Kit is a great introduction to amateurs who are unfamiliar with the product and an excellent addition for seasoned professionals who want a compact, simple to use cleaning kit on the go. The new packaging is compact and perfect for travelling. This is an inexpensive cleaning solution for anyone who owns a DSLR.

January 24, 2009

VisibleDust Introduces the New Anti-Static Zeeion® Blower

Anti-Static Property — The NEW Zeeion® Blower is constructed from Silicon-RX, a unique polymer compound that eliminates static charge build up. Unlike ordinary blowers made from regular rubber compounds that induce static charge, the Zeeion® Blower generates negatively charged air molecules that repel dust from the sensor surface. This neutralizing effect not only reduces the static charge on surfaces, providing a superior dust removal system; it also reduces the ability for dust to reattach to surfaces after cleaning.

Dust Free Ejection — Another unique feature of the Zeeion® Blower is the one-way valve on the front of the air chamber. The location of the valve prevents dust intake from the nozzle during expansion which only allows fresh air to be drawn from the back of the blower - far from the contamination source. This allows clean air to be ejected back at the surface unlike regular blowers that suck air and dust from the contamination source during use.

Projectile Free — Filters are placed at both ends of the Zeeion® Blower to prevent intake of particles such as sands and quartz as small as 20 microns found in everyday environments, resulting in particle free air ejection. This feature also eliminates the chance of producing nicks and cuts on the sensor when air is blown forcefully at them, as caused by ordinary blowers.

Soft Safety Cap — In addition to the advance features of the of the Zeeion® Blower, a soft safety cap, on the front of the nozzle, prevents accidental damage incase of contact with the sensor.

June 20, 2008

VisibleDust Introduces the New Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Brite)

The Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Brite) features a bright LED that illuminates the sensor while in operation. This illumination reduces the possibility of fibers being dragged accidentally against the surrounding cavity hence reducing the potential cause of smear usually caused by contaminated fibers.

The bright LED of Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Brite) makes dust locating an easier task for the sensor cleaning operator. The DC rotary engine has been modified to meet a certain RPM standard. It generates an optimal centrifugal force that enables speedy dust rejection while increasing the charge enhancement of the fibers. These combined patented features also include SCF (Super Charged Fibers).

By implementing nano-coating technology for charge enhancements and by using super thin fibers for maximum lift capability along the AB 724´s rotary motion for cleaning/charging (without the use of canned air) makes the Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Brite) a superb sensor cleaning tool.

Because of its safety features all models of Arctic Butterfly® can be safely used on ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated sensor and DLSR's with built in sensor cleaning systems.

  • Three Stage Power Button On/Off - Equipped with Bright LED light
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Enhanced fiber cleaning through patented rotary motion
  • No canned air - Completely travel safe
  • Super-Charged Fiber Technology
  • Metal ferrule is attached to the body of the Arctic Butterfly
    through a non-conductive joint

May 18, 2008

VisibleDust Announces the New Vswab® Sensor Cleaning Swab
The new Vswab® ships from VisibleDust this week.

VisibleDust, the leader in sensor cleaning announces the newly designed sensor cleaning swab for Digital SLRs called Vswab® (Patent Pending). Currently, Vswab® is made for full size 1.0X or 24mm width sensors found in cameras such as the NIKON D3. The Vswab® out performs other square format swabs currently on the market because of it's unique letter «V» shape. The advantage of this improved design over square swabs is clear when used on full frame sensors instead of the smaller APS sensor sizes. The smaller edge of the V shape swab helps minimize contact with the swab fabric and the chamber wall. This prevents dust and lint on the inside the chamber wall from falling onto the sensor during cleaning.

Another advantage of the Vswab® design is it´s maneuverability inside the camera chamber. The V shape design also provides better visiblity of the sensor when cleaning making swabbing easy. In addition, the design also gives the ability to apply equal pressure to the edge of the swab pad producing less streaking along edges and giving you a cleaner sensor all around. The innovative design not only minimizes streaking and resists tearing, but it also excels at cleaning the edges of sensors and especially those hard to reach corners.

Although our original classic square format swab has performed superbly in most cameras with wider chambers, we know that the new Vswab® will perform even better in the next generation narrower chamber cameras, such as Nikon D3. The new Vswab® also out performs and overcomes many of the deficiencies of the standard square format swabs on the market today.

«The design of the new swab was a lengthy process. At VisibleDust, we believe that our customers deserve the highest quality products without compromise. In our endeavor to achieve the highest quality and engineering, we constantly research and pioneer for the most innovative quality products.

However, we are at the same time determined to defend our intellectual properties from those who intend to copy or infringe in our patents.»
— Dr.Degan, VisibleDust, President.