Sept 2013

» "I really love your products... "

Dear VisibleDust,

I really love your products. I have a Nikon D600 that was having some dirty sensor issues (known issue with the D600 when new). I'm not the type to send my camera back, more of a fix it myself kind a guy and I have to say what a fantastic line of products. I was using this other product that the inventor sent you sterile swabs, but then his instructions had you blow on the sensor and that never made sense to me. Why send me a sterile swab then have me blow germs and contamination all over it. So when I came across your videos I realized I was cleaning my sensor all wrong. I purchased all your top products and am very happy with them and have used them to clean all my camera's. The Quasar Sensor Loupe lets me check and be sure they are spotless and clean. Thank you for your great products, but also helping me clean my sensor the proper way.


Paul Seymour, President of PS Productions LLC

Dec 2012

» "..I would like to say thank you for a very fast delivery of my order and for some great products.."

For all at Visible dust.

I would like to say thank you for a very fast delivery of my order and for some great products. In a hectic everyday life where we photographers working in all kinds of weather and often change lenses, it is a huge help to clean the censor of the camera easily and efficiently thanks for making some products that make this possible.

Best Regards.


Venlig Hilsen, Photographer

Feb 2010

» "..Visible Dust's products are without question the best.."

I'd just like to take a moment to thank you for helping me solve my sensor cleaning problems. After trying several other products trying to keep and maintain my Canon 5D Mark I and II sensors, I was at my wits end. After using Brand X sensor cleaning fluid and their sensor cleaning swabs, I was plagued with smears on the sensor that wouldn't go away, and this required me to take my cameras to a professional cleaning technician in the Seattle area. It cost me almost 60.00 each time, and a 26 mile drive each way, and with the wait time and driving, it basically shot half a day just to clean my sensors... It was driving me crazy that I couldn't get my sensors clean on my own! After posting on a photography forum, I got lots of advice, and the most of the photographers there recommended Visible Dust's system of Sensor Clean & Smear Away fluid, along with the sensor cleaning swabs, Arctic Butterfly sensor brush, and the 7x Sensor Loupe.

I reluctantly ordered the Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly bundle, along with the focusing screen swabs. Today I used the system, and am beyond ecstatic about the results. The combination of the 7x Sensor loupe and arctic butterfly allows me to easily see any dust particles that may have gotten onto my sensor, and gently brush them away. This is something that had frustrated me for years since I couldn't actually see the sensor, and had to rely on shooting test shots at a high F stop to check the results... Now I just use the loupe, saving a lot of time. The Arctic Butterfly works like a magnet to attract and remove dust particles from the sensor.

As for smears and spots on my sensor, using Sensor Clean fluid and Smear Away fluid works amazingly well, and there are no smears remaining on my sensor after cleaning, which is something I can't say about Brand X. For anyone wondering which system is the best, please do yourself a favor and look no further. Visible Dust's products are without question the best. I highly recommend the Visible Dust System, including the Arctic Butterfly, 7X Sensor Loupe, and cleaning fluids. They are beyond compare, and after using at least 4 other products, my search is over, and I now have the best cleaning system, bar none. Their customer service is also great, and they quickly answered all of my questions and concerns.

Thanks again Visible Dust!


Bill Johnson, Photographer
High Quality Real Estate Photography Services

» "..I just wanted to say how satisfied I am..."

I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with the Sensor Loupe and Arctic Butterfly combination. The Sensor Loupe gives an amazingly clearand bright image of the sensor surface, making it easy to check for dust.The Arctic Butterfly is efficient, safe and easy to use. I've taken twoCanon 20D's on a trip across the Australian desert and on several trips to Indonesia with frequent lens changes in dusty and wet environments. The Arctic Butterfly swept my cameras clean three times a day without any problems. And the two devices are so light and easy to carry. Well done!


amateur photographer
Adrian Baddeley
Amateur Photographer

» "..Thank you very much for developing this product!"

Dear Visible Dust, I would like to thank you for bringing me the best product of 2007 for my photo business - the Arctic Butterfly. I used to spend hours removing dust using expensive swab sticks. This year I discovered that The Arctic Butterfly is an amazing tool, that was easy to use and gave incredible results. Thank you very much for developing this product!


Kind regards,

Bart Lapers
Event Photographer, Belgium

» "Really, thank you! [The] nightmare is gone!"

Dear Sir,

I received recently your 1.6x econo kit from micro tools (Germany). The first time I employed your sensor brush I was surprised by the excellent result. I had already tried other methods against the dust on the ccd of my nikon d80, including a competitor brush [name deleted] and also the [name deleted] swabs + [name deleted] fluid, but I never had completely successful results. Now, after I brushed twice the sensor, I had absolutely no specks remaining! Really, thank you! [The] nightmare is gone!



Natale Musso
Genoa, Italy

» "Thank you, not only for your products..."


Among the things I have discovered about dust and my Nikon D200 and 18-70mm Dx lens is that when zooming the lens, any dust residing with the camera chamber is sucked into the back of the lens and goes through the lens and rests on the interior of the front element.

Over my 40-year career, I have used primarily Nikon and Leica camera and have NEVER seen dust inside my lenses — Amazing!

Thank you, not only for your products, but also for your instructional information.

I teach at Rhode Island School of Design and from time to time at the Smithsonian Institution and pass along the information that you provide. This is a relatively new concept to open a camera and touch the sensor, you help us understand that it is both necessary and safe.



Francis Giles
Instructor at Rhode Island School of Design

» "Excellent products..."

Excellent products from Visible Dust and superior service from Provak transformed sensor cleaning from a chore to a pleasure


Nick Wilcox-Brown
Photographer Consultant
The Image Consultancy

January 29, 2007
» "Wow, does your butterfly work!..."

I had your brush before, but "charging" it was a challenge. The Butterfly is magic. I used it first on my D1s and in one swipe it did it all. Then I did my M8 sensor and was puzzled how the sensor looked relatively clean but the "before" image had many more spots.

I then saw that my 21mm Elmart I had a dust on the rear inner glass which is within a very narrow gap from the sensor and was as if that dust was on the sensor! Naturally the butterfly can do lenses too.

Thanks for making it fast, easy, economical, and great. It eliminates not only dust, but the fear I formerly had of how to safely remove the dust.


Jack MacDonough

January 17, 2007
» "Safe and user friendly..."

The best products to come along since the digital camera, Visible Dust digital sensor cleaning products are awesome. Safe and user friendly Visible Dust makes sensor cleaning a breeze. It was a blessing that I was introduced to these products which make my photos look like they were taken from a new camera.

The Visible Dust service experts will take excellent care of you. The only thing better than their friendly care and expertise is their knowledge of their products.


Neil Morgan
Neil Morgan Photography/Private Investigator

December 12, 2006
» "The results were great!"

Before trying Visible Dust I had spent $75 for a camera repair professional to clean my Canon EOS digital camera sensors. I had also tried swabs and solutions from other suppliers, but could never completely rid of those pesky spots. I was tired of having to examine photos and touch them up so much. Based on the strong testimonials for Arctic Butterfly®, I decided to buy the Complete Full 1.0X Bundle from Visible Dust. The results were great! For the first time now I feel confident that I can effectively clean my sensor myself, anytime, anywhere, and without a $75 fee. The technique of using a Sensor Brush sized for the sensor, sweeping one pass to one side, and then following up with a 8mm Sensor brush along that side has worked very well for me. After cleaning like this I couldn't see any spots even at high magnification. The customer service people at Visible Dust were helpful also. Only problem I have now is that it makes me want to spend more money to take more photo trips...


David Pearce

» "VisibleDust fixed something that Canon said had to be replaced."

What an amazing product! With a puff of your Hurricane Blower and two sweeps of a Green Series Swab with the Sensor Clean solution, my tragically dirty sensor was spic-and-span clean. Like magic, VisibleDust fixed something that Canon said had to be replaced. I can't tell you how impressed and grateful I am.

Thank you for making indispensable products that should be in every digital photographers gear bag.



Sherry Glassman

» "WOW!!! I love it"

I just received your product yesterday. WOW!!! I love it. I have cleaned the sensor many times with the swabs and solutions on my Canon EOS 10D. I dreaded it. It would take forever to get it almost spot free.

I didn't want to go through all that trouble again with my new Canon EOS 30D, so after reading about VisibleDust, I ordered your Econo 1.6x system and with one swipe of the brush it was perfect. Very easy to use. It was worth every penny. I will be telling all of my DSLR friends they have to get one.

Thanks for a great product,


Michael C. Andrews

Feb 23, 2006

» "Bravo on a truly great product, and excellent customer service."

Thanks for your message. The kit arrived safe and sound, and works every bit as well as advertised — my sensor is as clean as the day I got the camera (who knows, maybe cleaner!). Bravo on a truly great product, and excellent customer service. Keep up the great work!

A very satisfied customer,


Dan Gorman
Western Springs, IL

» "...amazing product from "Visible Dust". With out it, this project will be a nightmare!!!"

I just return back home from three months of "heavy photo shooting" in Europe. 14 Gig of images in RAW....... working in factories dusty environments... All I like to say is, THANK YOU, thank you for this amazing product from "Visible Dust". With out it, this project will be a nightmare !!!

Thank you again!



Jan Habal
jan habal design inc.

» "I went from hundreds of dust and hair spots esp. in the corners to 2 — amazing"

Just thought you should know the sensor brush sd is wonderful — I had assumed I was in for a day of cleaning the sensor, I'd bought three packs of sensor cleaning swabs but tried my new sd first — using the heavy brush for my 1Ds2 I was surprised and delighted to see that it spun fast enough to splay out the tightly packed bristles just like the Arctic Butterfly® — I used it on the camera and proceded to shoot without testing - I went from hundreds of dust and hair spots esp. in the corners to 2 — amazing.

I had given up on canned air after previously using a new cannister of american recorder co2 only to actually see the debris sprayed out of the cannister onto my sensor and then onto the sensor brush. sensor cleaning swabs never did do corners.


George Barr

» "Two cleans and I will have my money back"

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful product that I purchased from Plaza Cameras in Perth. The product is your Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly® Brush. I have had a problem with dust on my new camera sensor for a few weeks. I was going to return the camera to the manufacturer to clean for me again. I had already had my first clean and service free. This clean would have cost me $80 and no guarantee that they would do the job properly. You will always get dust especially when you change lens. So you cant be running in to the manufacturer every five minutes and paying $80. What happens if you are out in the field thousands of kilometres away with no way of getting to them. You are stuck.

After studying the net and looking at all other products available and reading forums on the subject. I decide to give the Visible Dust Artic Butterfly a go. The main reason was the air blower attachment and how it cleans the brush so that you do not have to handle the brush at all.

I used the product today and it took me about 6 swipes to get the dust off but it worked a treat. The sensor, believe it or not, is cleaner now than when I purchased the camera. Congratulations on a fine product and should be a huge success.

Providing users follow instructions there is no risk. Thank you for a great product. Please, people may think that the cost is a little high, but for what you get and what you save on taking to a expert to do it for you, it is cheap. Two cleans and I will have my money back. The important thing too IT DOES WORK and it is easy to use


Greg Buck
Perth, Western Australia

» "The brush did an amazing job after charging in the spinner"

Thank you so much!! I can't believe what a relief it is to go out on assignment knowing that I have clean equipment. I don't have to worry about shooting skies, or where dirt may linger on the image of a face. The brush did an amazing job after charging in the spinner. I haven't yet had need of the other tools.


Katie Schneider
Katie Schneider Photography

» "...and invest in probably the best solution, currently, for cleaning the filter array"

One area where Nikon have made no significant advance is in assisting the user to clean the filter array in front of the sensor. Nikon will not sanction any method other than the use of a blower bulb in conjunction with their EH-6 mains AC adapter that has to be purchased at an additional cost. This allows the reflex mirror to be locked in its up position without the sensor being «live», as would be the case if you attempted to do the cleaning by setting a long exposure time to raise the mirror. Any photographer on an extended trip will need to be able to clean the filter array for themselves, so be prepared to dip your hand back in your pocket to buy the EN-6, and invest in probably the best solution, currently, for cleaning the filter array, which are the utensils and materials available from a Canadian company called Visible Dust (


Simon Stafford
Technical Editor
Nikon Owner Magazine

» " took me 3 attempts but it is now `spotless` this is a miracle..."

I just had to post this, I purchased a set of the `miracle` sensor brushes here in the uk, i have noticed dust on my sensor in the last 2 weeks or so, it was getting progressively worse, really really annoying, so yesterday (sunday 21st aug) i used my sensor brushes on my canon `EOS 20D` it took me 3 attempts but it is now `spotless` this is a miracle, even when purchased new the 20D had a couple of dust spots on the sensor, i would just like to say `thanks` for a brilliant cleaning tool, and a have attatched 4 pictures showing the results the first is the sensor with the dust on it, the next 2 are showing the brushes

steps in cleaning this anoying problem, and the 4th picture is the sensor totally cleaned (better than new), feel free to post this communication and the pictures on you`r website, the pictures still have exif data on them to prove my point.

once again ........ a big thank you



click on image to view larger images

before cleaning
1st attempt
2nd attemp
final result

» "...this does the trick in one swipe!"

I have tested your brush, and I must say that it works pretty wel! I used to use swabs or old clean cotton cloth, but that did not always worked, this does the trick in one swipe!


Case van Velzen
Palm Pics Studio's
Miami, Florida

» "The brushes are tremendous and it is almost magical the way that they lift dust from the surface of the sensor with absolutely minimal contact."

I have recently purchased a number of your products in two transactions, first three brushes and second sensor clean, smear away and some brush cleaning tablets. I am very impressed indeed with both the quality of your products and the speed and efficiency of your service and wanted to provide you with some feedback.

The brushes are tremendous and it is almost magical the way that they lift dust from the surface of the sensor with absolutely minimal contact. I was initially nervous at the thought of cleaning my camera sensor for fear of damage but the directions on your web-site combined the clear quality of the product gave me confidence - and all went well. Subsequently I then managed to get a smear onto my CCD and I needed to have my camera back into functioning order very quickly as I had a pre-booked commitment the next weekend. I placed my second order (for the cleaning solutions) on a Sunday and naturally chose to have the goods FedEx'd to the UK, where they arrived on the Wednesday morning - fantastic service for which thank-you. That evening I set down to clean the sensor and was amazed at just how good is the sensor clean solution. I followed the instructions precisely and very quickly I had my CCD perfectly clean (no sign of the smear at all) and the camera was fully back to working order.

Thanks for such a great set of products which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone as a safe, reliable and easy method of cleaning a D-SLR sensor. It pays to have the right tool for the right job ... yours are the only choice.



Ian Moseley

» "It´s the simplest, slickest, quickest way to get the job done without harming your sensor"

All dSLR sensors are prone to gathering dust when exposed to the atmosphere during lens changes. And woe to you if you try to take a swipe at your sensor with a regular brush — that would be like using an abrasive grinding tool on it. There are some special sensor — cleaning products around but most are messy and hard to use. Not VisibleDust. It´s the simplest, slickest, quickest way to get the job done without harming your sensor, and its praises are being sung by professionals worldwide because it really works.


Digital Photography Workshops At Sea

» "IF I´d purchased it a month ago I wouldn´t be "spotting" all these images tonight!!"

Photographers are seemingly in a perpetual state of hurry...I can say that if any (digital) photographer wants to save time...use the Sensor Brush. Mine received its first use today (EOS 1Ds) and save for one spot...clean as the proverbial whistle. IF I'd purchased it a month ago I wouldn't be "spotting" all these images tonight!! Live and Learn... eventually.



Bill Stormont
Eugene, Oregon

» "Run, don´t walk, to buy a sensor brush from!"

I've used sensor cleaning swabs and compressed air from scuba tank. Messy and not totally reliable. But then I bought the Sensor Brush product, actually followed the instructions, minimal as they may be, and found it to be a miracle product.

Every photographer with a D-SLR needs this in their travel kit, in my opinion anyway.



Stephen Frink

» "This product was worth every single penny I spent!"

I do not normally write to companies I purchase items from, but I felt I had to send a quick note. I recently purchased the 1.6x sensor brush kit from your web site. It arrived the other day, and I was able to finally use it this afternoon. I must say, I was EXTREMELY hesitant to spend this much money on a "brush" for my sensor, but after using it one time, I cannot believe the results. My sensor is SPOTLESS.

I own a Canon 10D and had not cleaned the sensor in two years. There were numerous visible "dust bunnies" in my photo's at anything over f11. After literally one swipe of the sensor brush, everything is gone!

As the subject line says, kudos to the inventor's of this brush, and the company. This product was worth every single penny I spent!



Steve Emery

» "I know I sound like a commercial but I paid for mine and its worth every dollar."

Visibledust Sensor Brush is the way to go. Yes its expensive but its safe and VERY effective. And you can do it yourself in just a few minutes. They have a full line of products for cleaning your digital camera. They are great people who really stand behind their products. I know I sound like a commercial but I paid for mine and its worth every dollar.


Ken Aaron

» "I am extremely pleased to say that not only do I not have any dust on my sensor, but it was really easy to do!!!"

O.K., I have walked through my terror of the dreaded dust in the "Image Sensor". After reading all of the post on this site and others I opted to purchase the "NEW" Sensor Brush from VisibleDust out of Canada! I also ordered some Eclipse & swabs to go with it, however I wanted to try these brushes first & use the liquid as a back up. Well, I am extremely pleased to say that not only do I not have any dust on my sensor, but it was really easy to do!!! The company e-mailed me instructions which I really appreciated! In a matter of less than 5 minutes I was cleaned & shooting again!! I highly recommend them. If I can do it.... anyone can!

Peace & Blessings,



» "I tried the sensor brush, and it was amazing."

Well, I have been terrified to clean my sensor myself. However, after I shot a Spring Training Photo Day and left a big piece of dust in a bright sky, I had to do something about it.

(Yes, the dust could be cloned out, but who wants to deal with that for 5 or 6 shots for every player)

I first went the route of the Turkey Baster. But, that didn't fix it. Then, I tried an infant's nasal aspirator (brand new); and that worked for some dust, but couldn't get the stuff out of the corners.

So, I tried the sensor brush, and it was amazing. Expensive, my local camera shop charges $45 a cleaning. And, sending a camera to Canon just to clean the sensor jsut isn't plausible when you are shooting every day.

I'm pretty happy. If anybody has any questions, please let me know.


Nick Doan

March 2005

» "I tried the full Sensor Brush kit with three D SLRs of various brands, and was pleased with the results."

Just about every digital SLR owner has wondered how to clean the imaging sensor when a blower bulb simply cannot remove the stubborn dust and other specks. One of the best solutions, the Sensor Brush is made by an Edmonton based company, Visible Dust. Although most camera manufacturers do not recommend the use of any sensor-cleaning accessory, Rob Galbraith's extensive testing indicates that these brushes remove dust, dirt, and other particles effectively and with little chance of scratching ( After reading Rob's review, I tried the full Sensor Brush kit with three D SLRs of various brands, and was pleased with the results. Several Sensor Brush kits are available from, starting at $107. If you decide to buy a kit, be sure to follow the instructions (in a PDF file at with maximum care to minimize the risk of scratching the CCD or CMOS sensor.


Imaging Products Review, by Peter K. Burian
PhotoLife Magazine

March 13, 2005

» "Afterwards, my 10D looked as clean as my new Canon 20D."

I´ve owned a Canon 10D for two years, and live in a very dusty environment. At times it became so bad, I had it cleaned by a local tech. When I started using the Visible Dust brushes, I found they helped a lot, but I already had buildup of some oddball contamination that demanded a "wet" clean. In short, my sensor was about as dirty as they get.

At this point, Visible Dust allowed me to contact them by telephone. They were very helpful in guiding me through the procedure of using Sensor Clean and Sensor Brush technique. Afterwards, my 10D looked as clean as my new Canon 20D.

Visible Dust has fine products, and more important than that, they have demonstrated their dedication to their customers� needs and concerns. Without their products, keeping DSLRs clean in my climate would be a difficult and persistent problem.


Jim Hayes

» "...both sensors are cleaner than when I bought the cameras (new)."

Well it's taken 3 weeks to get to me (mainly due to UK customs opening and adding VAT!) and at £80 I was beginning to have my doubts. BUT a few minutes work with just the brush on my 10D and very dirty 1D Mk2 has amazed me — both sensors are cleaner than when I bought the cameras (new). Even what I thought were smears have just brushed away. Fantastic product, it might seem expensive but the purchase price has already been recouped. Keep up the good work! I shall certainly recommend to other digital photographers in the UK :-)


Geoff du Feu

» "Thanks for a remarkable product."

Hi Rola, all I can say is WOW!!!

The brushes work, I had a couple of stubborn spots on my CMOS sensor (which are known to attract dust bunnies) and with a couple of passes with the brush, they were gone. Now I don't mind going out to take photos against a blue sky or white walls. No more cloning out the dust spots in my photos. Well worth the price - and now I can do it myself without fear of ruining my sensor.



» "It's that brush of yours. It works like a dream."

Dear Dr. Degan

When I normally return from an assignment my studio manager, assistant and two interns normally cringe because they know what's going to happen. What's going to happen is I'm going to take out 5-6 compact flash cards download them into two computers, make a certain selection of photos that need to be dealt with and then comes the very tedious, annoying, time consuming task of cleaning each image in Photoshop. Well, we're not talking about pumping up the color, or an unsharp mask but rather the dust spots that have accumulated on the sensor. Well my studio people were ecstatic when this task was not necessary on 770 photos from a recent assignment. What exactly do I credit this to? It's that brush of yours. It works like a dream. A technically challenged artist, such as myself, had no problem following the simple directions and safely cleaned the sensor. It's an absolutely wonderful product! Keep up the great work.

Thank you for all your help. It will be part of our photographic repertoire from now on. We will also add it to our teaching workshops and DVD.



Joe DiMaggio
Dimaggio Kalish Website
Dimaggio Kalish Workshops

» "For once someone's product actually does what they claim! Good job!"

I've got a 1D, 1D MKII, 1Ds, 1Ds MKII, so I have a real dust collection going. My 1Ds MKII is relatively new but was worse than all the others for some reason. I had so much dust on the sensor that at f 11 at least a hundred spots were visible.

I've tried all the methods, and I mean all. They all are time consuming and none were very satisfactory. Fed-Ex overnight to CPS is $85.00 from here and I've done that four or five times at least. Skeptically I ordered the whole kit from Visible Dust a few months ago $160, and I really figured it was a waste of money. The kit sat on a shelf in my office filing room until a day early this week. The 1Ds MkII was such a mess I thought I'd try one more time before another Fed-Ex to CPS.

I pulled out the swab and chamber clean first , then I opened the sensor brushes and followed the instructions, blowing compressed air across the bristles while rotating the brush to activate it. I would have bet the farm this was a waste of time. One trip across the sensor and another shot of the air across the bristles, then brushed the sensor again. I headed outside and shot a blue sky at f22. When I loaded it into my computer 95% of the offending particles were gone. I did the routine one more time and got close to all of them. I've never had half that success with any other procedure and product and it usually took me 5 trips outside and a good hour of trying with my four bodies.

Let me say, I've got no connection to these guys other than I'm a customer for life! My $160.00 investment is less than one round trip Fed-Ex and my camera never is out of service.

Hope this helps any of you guys out there who are as frustrated as I was.



Jim Wilson
Thanks again for solving the biggest problem digital photographers face.

» "Thank you for your excellent service...."

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your excellent service. I am now the happy owner of 2 sets of the sensor brush.This was the fastest service I have ever experienced across the Atlantic, and I do alot of ordering from the US.


Sincerely,Sincerly Pål (Paul) Krogvold, Norway
Again thank you, you will be highly recomended

» "If you shoot digital SLRs, chances are you're troubled by dust specks on your files."

Recently I heard a story from a camera store where a 10D camera was sent in to Canon for cleaning, and the store was charged $150!

Regardless, even if the service was free (and it may be for the first service call), sending in a camera represents complete down-time for that camera. If you don't have a spare 1Ds Mark II (an $8,000 camera that everyone keeps two of), you're out of luck until the camera is returned. Clearly this isn't the solution.

I've cleaned my own sensors, and have always done so nervously. I've used Eciplse Solution and sensor cleaning swabs, and the Specgrabber, and between the two I've managed to clean my sensors. However, sensor cleaning swabs cost about $40 or more, and I've often had to use four or five swabs before the cleaning process was finished. Granted, that $20 in material is cheaper and more efficient than sending a camera in, but still ... at $20 a pop you think twice about cleaning a sensor frequently!

One of my digital instructors, Rick Holt, just introduced me to what is undoubtably the ultimate sensor cleaning system. Called "visibledust," the cleaning involves brushing off the sensor with a microfine brush that is primed with canned air or C02 that acts as an attractant for particles. I tried it out, and had extremely satisfying results with 4 of my 5 cameras. One digital camera had a mark -- a line -- that seemed to be stuck on despite the visibledust treatment. I then tried wiping it off with a sensor cleaning swab. Didn't work. Tried touching the speck with the Specgrabber amd had no luck -- in fact, I ended up getting more dirt on the sensor! Tried the Swab again without success. Finally, tried the Visibledust brush again, brushing a bit more enthusiastically, and wham-o, the speck was gone!

Click here for the entire article...


Joe and Mary Ann McDonald

» "Exerpt from article on the Photo Safaris web site"

If you shoot a digital camera with interchangeable lenses, sooner rather than later you'll notice motes on your images — the effect of dust on your sensor.

The Sensor Brush from Visibledust of Canada is the most effective and easiest solution for removing dust and other particulates. Various sizes are available for use on different-sized sensors. The brushes are reusable and washable.


James Martin

» "If you have a CCD based digital SLR and have regular dust problems, I recommend giving Visibledust a good look."

The Nikon D100's CCD is famous for collecting dust particles, causing tiny black dots of various sizes to appear on the captured image. The spots can be removed with Photoshop, but I would rather not have to deal with them at all of course. Nikon recommends taking the camera into an authorized service dealer for periodic cleaning, but this is not a realistic or cost effective solution. After researching much on the net, I came across a product offering called Visibledust. The product is basically a finely tuned brush especially designed for cleaning CCDs, along with an optional cleaning fluid. I tried it and it actually works, plus, I can still take pictures with my camera!


Austin Country Limits Web Site

» "...By the way your product works real well."

So far I have been very happy with the brush and Sensor Clean. I recently sent my D-70 to Nikon to be cleaned and when I recived the camera back it was dirtier than when I sent it. I was a bit afraid to clean my camera myself because I might do some damage. After reading about your product and knowing I could no longer live with the dust spots I took the plunge and purchased your product. I'm very glad that I did and I'm no longer afraid to change lenses in the field because I know that I can clean my camera now without doing any damage to the camera.

Thank you


Tim Kelly

» "It did a really good job..."

I bought a sensorbrush from you recently and I'm blissfully happy with it. It did a really good job on my Fuji S2 which was delivered with dirt all over the sensor. I now have a D2H as well and have yet to need to use it but I'm sure I will soon.


Brian Smith

» "Thanks for this Canadian product." --

Johnny Chan
Johnny Chan Photography

» "Excerpt from article on Luminous-Landscape"

I recommend Sensor Brushes from Visible Dust without reservation.

These products are available for order online, and are not currently sold anywhere else. Once the word spreads though, I wouldn't be surprised to see smart photo dealers starting to carry the line.

In the meantime, if you have a digital SLR, you probably need a Sensor Brush. Highly recommended.


Michael Reichmann

» "Finally! A digital SLR sensor cleaner that really works."

The Sensor Brush and its companion Sensor Clean liquid/swab combo, from Canadian company Visible Dust, are the first products of their type we’ve used that can remove dust, dirt and other particles effectively with little chance of either streaking or scratching of the cover glass over the image sensor.

We’ve been cleaning our arsenal of digital SLR cameras since mid-summer with Visible Dust’s new products and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.



by Rob Galbraith

» "Sensor Cleaning is a big time part of being a digital photographer."

It causes a lot of photographers great heart ache and digital darkroom time.

The specialized sensor brushes from Visible Dust are a great solution! I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself a kit!


Moose Peterson
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» "Cleaned My Sensor with Sensor Brush - It Works!!!"

My sensor on my SD9 has been getting dirtier and dirtier. I admit I am not the most careful when it comes to changing lenses. I had had some success with Eclipse early on but as the camera got more and more dust, I just couldn't get it clean and often felt like I was just moving dust around. With my SD9, I had pretty much given up and just spent time with Photoshop using the clone tool and healing brush; this process was getting longer and longer and naturally more painful!

My SD10 was starting to get more dust in addition. Desperate to find a solution, I tired the Sensor Brush which, someone had mentioned at one time on the forum. I emailed the company for advice and some specifics on cleaning that weren't clear on their website. Upon their advice, I first cleaned the chamber walls with the electrostatically charged brush (there are two sizes). I could see that there was no lack of dust particles in the chamber and realized that this probably had a lot to do with not being able to get the sensor clean.

I would do one pass with each side of the brush and then blow off the particles with an air can as recommended. After cleaning the walls, I cleaned the sensor in the same manor. I can't tell you how happy I was to see such a dramatic difference in the amount of dust on the sensor. I suspect I could clean the chamber walls a little more and will probably order the chamber- cleaning product if and when I ever get off my lawn chair.

In addition to the product working very well, I like the fact that there is no liquid to put on the sensor. I got smears on the sensor a few times and although they were probably my fault, it didn't make it any easier to bear. If you were in need of a sensor-cleaning product, I would recommend this one first. I want to emphasize that I am not associated in any way with the company that makes this product and am posting this, as I feel very enthusiastic about it.


Rick Decker
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