Streaks and smears

When wet cleaning it's important to use the appropriate swab or streaks/residue may be left behind. Generally, the contaminations on your sensor range from water to oil based.
The chart below helps you visualize each products capabilities for removing contaminates.

We recommend

Quasar™ Sensor Loupe™ 7X with Amber filter
Use Sensor Loupe® to precisely check your Sensor.
Sensor Clean®
Green Ultra MXD-100 Swabs
Anti-Static Coating

Excellent solution for water-based contaminations such as condensation, saliva, or streaks. Dissolves protein.
VDust® Plus
Orange DHAP Series Swabs
Green Ultra MXD-100 Swabs

A good mid-range product if you're not sure what's on your sensor. Start out with VDust® Plus and see whether you need a stronger or lighter remover.
Smear Away®
Green Ultra MXD-100 Swabs
Strong Anti-Static, Anti-Fog Coating

Good for removing strong contamination buildup. Designed to remove heavy oils, stains, lubricants and smears. Strong saliva remover. Dissolves protein.