Some of the best advertisement that VisibleDust has garnered throughout the years have been from the testimonials of those of you in the photographic community. We thank you and encourage you to keep sending us yours comments and reviews. If not for your support VisibleDust would not be what it is today.

Greetings, To whom it may concern at Visibledust:

Often during our hectic days at the variety of jobs we work at and where customer service is provisioned, we may get inundated with customer queries and complaints and handle them to the best of our ability.

At times, customer satisfaction may or may not be appreciated nor properly acknowledged.

Yesterday, I forwarded a somewhat lengthy email which I expected to have acknowledged within a few days and possibly with a brief explanation.

I was totally unprepared for the type of customer service which I received.

Within a few minutes of your firm receiving my email, I received a call from one of your technicians, namely Degan. This gentleman explained the A to Z of your product, provided an insight of what could possibly have gone wrong (per my query) and was exceptionally attentive to my concerns. His knowledge was obvious and his recommendation well founded and satisfying.

My kudos to Degan who went the extra mile and took customer service to a new level. I would be grateful if you would please pass on my sincere appreciation.


Haydn B Eugene
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Guys, wanted to compliment you on another great product

I just received your Sensor Loupe® and wanted to compliment you on another great product. I purchased the competitor's product when they first came out and was skeptical on how much an improvement could be made.

Well, you have answered the mail with this product. Packaging, design, ease of use, and the Loupe brightness are all knockouts! This will go in my bag on all road trips. Thanks again.

Bob Omson

Hello Everyone at the VisibleDust Team,

I'd just like to take a moment to thank you for helping me solve my sensor cleaning problems. After trying several other products trying to keep and maintain my Canon 5D Mark I and II sensors, I was at my wits end. After using Brand X sensor cleaning fluid and their sensor swabs, I was plagued with smears on the sensor that wouldn't go away, and this required me to take my cameras to a professional cleaning technician in the Seattle area. It cost me almost 60.00 each time, and a 26 mile drive each way, and with the wait time and driving, it basically shot half a day just to clean my sensors... It was driving me crazy that I couldn't get my sensors clean on my own! After posting on a photography forum, I got lots of advice, and the most of the photographers there recommended Visible Dust's system of Sensor Clean and Smear Away fluid, along with the sensor swabs, Arctic Butterfly®, sensor brush®, and the 7x Sensor Loupe®.

I reluctantly ordered the Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly® bundle, along with the focusing screen swabs. Today I used the system, and am beyond ecstatic about the results. The combination of the 7x Sensor loupe® and arctic butterfly® allows me to easily see any dust particles that may have gotten onto my sensor, and gently brush them away. This is something that had frustrated me for years since I couldn't actually see the sensor, and had to rely on shooting test shots at a high F stop to check the results... Now I just use the loupe, saving a lot of time. The Arctic Butterfly® works like a magnet to attract and remove dust particles from the sensor.

As for smears and spots on my sensor, using Sensor Clean fluid and Smear Away fluid works amazingly well, and there are no smears remaining on my sensor after cleaning, which is something I can't say about Brand X. For anyone wondering which system is the best, please do yourself a favor and look no further. Visible Dust's products are without question the best. I highly recommend the Visible Dust System, including the Arctic Butterfly®, 7X Sensor Loupe®, and cleaning fluids. They are beyond compare, and after using at least 4 other products, my search is over, and I now have the best cleaning system, bar none. Their customer service is also great, and they quickly answered all of my questions and concerns.

Thanks again Visible Dust!

Bill Johnson, Photographer
High Quality Real Estate Photography Services