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Quasar Plus lights

Quasar® Plus Sensor Loupe® 7X Magnifier
Improved Focusing System  

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Quasar® Plus Sensor Loupe 7x Magnifier is an improvement to Quasar® Sensor Loupe 7x . Quasar ® Plus comes with a 52 mm metal ring to attach filters and close-up lenses for higher contrast and magnification. For example, using amber filter effectively blocks blue light increasing the contrast and reducing the glare accompanied with sharper image and less strain to the eyes. Blue light blockers are ideal for low vision users. The attachment of UV filters can enhance image clarityand protecting the ED glass lens. The attachment of polarized filter can be helpful in distinguishing stain from dust. The filter ring in Quasar ® Plus allows the attachment of various hoods for a glare free image when used outside in the bright daylight. The metal filter rings allows a connection to various camera lens system via connector tube for creative photography.

How to use filters with Quasar® Plus?

how to use filters with Quasar Plus?
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The Bright Vue ® technology used in Quasar ® Plus uses 6 (Patented) super bright LED with vari-angled orientation designed specifically to create 3D/ image to identify the smallest spots with the highest resolution.

The ED (Extra-Low Dispersion)glass with Fluorine coated (MgF2) lens allows for reducing chromatic aberration and sharper image. The ED Glass (Extra-Low Dispersion) lens in Quasar ® Plus has been lowered for a better and improved focusing system for sensors placed in deeper cavity.

    Overall, the new Quasar® Plus Sensor Loupe Magnifier is a more versatile tool in creative photography with additional functionality:
  • Improved Focusing System for sensor placed in deeper cavity
  • Identifies Smallest Spots on Sensor
  • Extra-low Dispersion glass lens
  • Six super bright LED Lights / Vari-Angled Orientation
  • Bright Vue® technology
  • Creates 3D Image of Dust Particles
  • Fluorine Coated / High Resolution
  • Reduces Chromatic Aberration
  • Can be used for Inspecting Negatives
  • Easy On/Off Operation
  • Includes Two Lithium Batteries and hard Case

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