Sensor Brush Clean™

What’s Inside

  • Sensor Brush Clean™ liquid 8ml (1)


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    • Specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with any brush with SCF technology, whether it is the Arctic Butterfly┬« or any of our Sensor Brushes┬«. Sensor Brush Clean™ is pH buffered to avoid extreme acidity or alkalinity so as to not affect the existing charges on the brush while safely cleaning any residual debris. Sensor Brush Clean™ liquid (8 ml).
  • Sensor Brush Clean™ 8ml

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  • Sensor Brush Clean™ Instructions

    • Step 1. Wet the Brush Fibre completely with Distilled Water (bottled water is acceptable).
    • Step 2. Apply 5 to 10 drops of Sensor Brush Clean™ to the brush head depending on the brush head size (for example 5 drops to the Brush Head of the Arctic Butterfly┬« SL700, or 724 Brite, 10 drops to HDF).
    • Step 3. Rinse it thoroughly with generous amounts of Distilled Water (bottled water is acceptable) until no soapy residue left.
    • Step 4. Squeeze the Brush Fibre against internal wall of a water cup.
    • Step 5. Let the brush head stand to air dry over night.
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