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Chamber Clean™

Chamber Clean™ Instructions

Step 1. Place your camera in Sensor-Cleaning mode to lock up the mirror.

Step 2. Take out one swab. Apply 1-2 drops of Chamber Clean™ solution to it. Wipe the chamber wall gently while the camera is FACING DOWNWARD. This is to avoid splashing Chamber Clean™ solution on the sensor. Use as many swabs to cover the whole area. AVOID OPTICS AND MIRRORS.

Step 2. If you find the sensor messy from splashing while cleaning, use the Sensor Clean™ solution to clean the sensor followed by the Arctic Butterfly®. Otherwise proceed with the Arctic Butterfly®. A persistent spot is due to liquid nature of the spot that is not removed by the Arctic Butterfly®.

Chamber Clean™ is specifically formulated to have the following properties:

  • Antistatic - to prevent dust accumulation
  • Coating - to act as a barrier
  • Cleaning - to remove stubborn flecks, mirror dust and fabrics
  • Lubricant - to reduce flecks by reducing friction

Chamber Clean™ solution is filtered to less than 0.2 micron, 40 times smaller than an 8 micron pixel size. Visible Dust does not recommend using other cleaning solutions, which may contaminate the sensor.