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Arctic Butterfly® SD 800 Pro Kit

Note: If bristles of your Sensor Brush® are misshapen pour some warm water inside of clean glass and insert the brush for a few minutes. Take the brush out. DO NOT spin. Let your Sensor Brush® dry out. You can use ISO alcohol 90% or higher to dry the brush. Once it is dry it takes the original shape.
Warning: Do Not Spin Device While Working Inside Camera Chamber
  1. Arctic Butterfly® 724 w/ APS Size Sensor Brush
  2. 1.6x Size Sensor Brush (thick)
  3. 1.0x-1.3x Size Sensor Brush
  4. Angled Mirror/Focusing Screen Brush
  5. One-Size-Fits-All Brush Adapter
  1. Requires 2 "AAA" batteries. Use high qualities batteries for best performance. Remove the batteries before traveling, especially on a plane.

  2. Only use the sensor brushes on the sensor.

  3. Only use the mirror/focusing screen brush on the mirror and focusing screen.

  4. Be careful to not touch the sides of the chamber with any of the brushes so as to not contaminate them with oil or lubricant.

  5. Unscrew cap.

  6. Spin device by sliding the on button. Spin for 5 seconds to enhance charge prior to every pass.

  7. Carefully pass the bristles over your sensor/mirror/focusing screen from one side to another.

  8. Repeat as many times as needed.

  9. It is recommended to clean the brush fibers frequently with isopropyl alcohol (90% -99%). This should specially be done if the fibers have been in contact with any oil or lubricant. To remove the smear from the sensor, it is recommended that VisibleDust Ultra MXD-100™ (green) swabs and Smear Away™ be used to remove the stain. VDust Plus™ can also be used for lighter stains.

The base of the Arctic Butterfly® 724 is to be used as the spinning device for all the other brushes. Simply remove the APS brush, place in the adapter and insert the desired brush.

'Dry' Cleaning Method

Spin the brush to recharge the bristles and remove any previous debris. After recharging bristles, insert brush width to width of sensor.
Rotate and gently rest bristles on far edge of sensor. Lightly draw the bristles over the width of sensor.
Do not apply too much pressure. Lift from sensor, rotate brush width to width of sensor and remove.
Spin the brush to remove any debris that has been collected.