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Arctic Butterfly® 724 Bundle
'Dry' Cleaning Method
Spin the brush to recharge the bristles and remove any previous debris. After recharging bristles, insert brush width to width of sensor.
Rotate and gently rest bristles on far edge of sensor. Lightly draw the bristles over the width of sensor.
Do not apply too much pressure. Lift from sensor, rotate brush width to width of sensor and remove.
Spin the brush to remove any debris that has been collected.

'Wet' Cleaning Method
Discard swab wrapping. (suggest blowing off with bulb blower to remove any fibers that may have shed in transport) Apply cleaning liquid evenly across edge, taking precaution not to oversaturate the swab.
Insert swab width wise to the width of the sensor. Rotate once inside chamber. Contact sensor so that swab width is edge to edge of the height of sensor.
Wipe (gently, firmly) across width of sensor, edge to edge. Lift off sensor, rotate swab width to width of sensor and remove.