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Panasonic / Olympus (micro 3/4) Pro Bundle™ B
for camera sensor cleaning  

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Panasonic / Olympus (micro 3/4) Pro Bundle B contains everything to clean your DSLR camera body inside/out. This camera specific bundle is created for safe and efficient cleaning of digital cameras. Start your camera cleaning process with Zeeion® blower in conjunction with FlexoDome™ to allow fast and easy dust removal build-up from the sensor and/or camera lens. Arctic Butterfly® is our most popular and safe sensor cleaning product for removing dry dust contamination from the camera sensor. Our sensor cleaning liquids and swabs allow removing any type of wet contamination stains (water, oil, lubricant smear) from any digital camera sensor. CurVswab™ handle creates an optimal surface contact between the swab fabric and sensor preventing streak lines associated with the regular swab handle.

Panasonic / Olympus (micro 3/4) Pro Bundle B contains:
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  1. Arctic Butterfly® 724 Super Bright
  2. Quasar Plus Sensor Loupe® 7x
  3. Sensor Clean™ cleaning liquid (8 ml)
  4. VDust Plus™ cleaning liquid (8 ml)
  5. Ultra MXD-100 sensor cleaning swabs — Vswabs®
    (size specific, 12 per pack)
  6. CurVswab™ set
  7. Improved Zeeion® sensor blower
  8. FlexoDome™ for Panasonic / Olympus (micro 3/4)
  9. SwabLight™
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Cautionary Note

Visibledust sensor cleaning solutions and swabs are calibrated to work together to produce optimal and safe results. Please DO NOT USE alternative solutions with our swab. A simple grain of quartz which is found in cheaper solutions are enough to produce an expensive scratch on the low pass filter. Our solutions are manufactured to the highest standard of quality that is practiced in pharmaceutical industries.

Visibledust solutions are calibrated for NORMAL evaporative rates:

  1. to keep the swab moist at all time to reduce the risk of scratch
  2. to increase the cleaning power, less swabbing more economical
  3. to reduce friction by being moist all time during swabbing

The potential risk of FAST evaporative solutions used as sensor cleaning are the following:

  1. an increase in the risk of damage and stress to sensor coating by using premature dry swab
  2. a great reduction in cleaning power by shortening the contact time between contaminants and solution due to the increased evaporation rate of the solution
  3. increase in friction by using a premature drying swab, resulting in static charge build up leading to an even greater dust accumulation on the sensor

Our cleaning liquids are intended to be placed on the swab first, so the concern for liquid seeping through the sensor is not valid or accurate. On the other hand, the disadvantages of a generic brand or FAST evaporative liquid used for sensor cleaning may in fact may casue damage to the sensor by requiring repeat swabbing and is not recommended.

Avoid bringing Arctic Butterfly fibers in contact with Chamber area.
In case contaminations please refer to our instruction
“How to clean smear”.
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