Sony / Minolta Pro Bundle B for camera sensor cleaning

Sony / Minolta A-mount Pro Bundle™ B for camera sensor cleaning

What’s Inside

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    • Tools and solutions for dry and wet camera’s body, sensor and lens cleaning
    • Includes accessories that ease sensor cleaning process

    Sony / Minolta A-mount Pro Bundle B contains everything to clean your digital SLR or mirrorless camera body, sensor and lens cleaning. This camera specific bundle is created for safe and efficient cleaning of digital cameras.

    Start your camera cleaning process with Zeeion® bulb blower in conjunction with FlexoDome™ to allow fast and easy dust removal build-up from the sensor and camera lens.

    Arctic Butterfly® Sensor Brush® is our most popular and safe sensor cleaning product for removing dry dust contamination from the camera sensor.

    Our sensor cleaning liquids and swabs allow removing any type of wet contamination stains (water, oil, saliva, lubricant smear) from any digital camera sensor.

    CurVswab™ handle creates an optimal surface contact between the swab fabric and sensor preventing streak lines associated with the regular swab handle.

  • Please to check a product specific videos for instructions:

    How how to remove dust, sand and other dry contamination from sensor of Sony Alpha using  Arctic Butterfly® 724 Super Blight Sensor Brush® with two LED lights

    How to use sensor cleaning swabs Green MXD-100 with VDust Plus™ sensor cleaning liquid and CurVswab® handle, Quasar® Plus Loupe 7x magnifier and Zeeion® bulb blower for Sony Alpha sensor cleaning

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